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Sunday , October 27- #noreallythisisdifferent Gathering


10:00 am Service: Bring your Bible knowledge and competitive spirit, and have some fun this Sunday! Teams will battle against one-another as we learn some new facts about the Bible.  There may even be a few prizes.  Join the Adlai Road Community for a unique time of worship, and as always, stay after for the community meal.  

Is this worship?  Yes.  Yes it is. 


Fall Bible Study at rosalind coffee company in garland

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Adlai Road is a group of people dedicated to walking in the way of Jesus in community and society. This is a place where we can encounter Jesus in the eyes of the people next to us, carry one another’s burdens, and find hope and strength in the arms of each other and our God.    

Adlai Road is community where all are welcomed with genuine hospitality, and where truth of the Gospel is shared openly. There is comfort for us when we struggle, but also a challenge to engage when we recognize hurt and injustice happening to others.

Our community is dedicated and accountable to walk in the way of Jesus, and all are welcome at our table, regardless of where they are in their life journey.



The One-Another commands beckon us to  engage with each other and with our neighbors.  We believe that our gatherings should offer opportunities for connection with all members of our community.  This is why we worship together- young and old, and why we share communion and a meal after each service. 

The Bible says that injustice matters a great deal to God, and what we do for the least of these, we have done to Jesus.  Seeking ways to serve others, and engaging with those who are in need is at the heart of our ministry. 

Please check our upcoming events and opportunities to engage which are open to all and listed in the section below. 


No upcoming events.


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