Current Sermon Series: BRAND

Adlai Road Ministries

Act Justly-Love Mercy-Walk Humbly

What We Believe

The church has a definitive role in society. Caring for one another and encouraging each other to participate actively to bring about change, is a common expression of our gatherings.  

Our expression of the good news is focused on what we are for, not what we are against. This is not to say that we do not acknowledge that sin is a relevant issue to be discussed in the church.  We resist the urge for, or expression of,  higher or deeper meaning or understanding as we acknowledge that Jesus is the great mystery. 

Our walk with Christ is our method for finding knowledge and transformation.  As such, we reject a Western learning model as the main method of transformation. While good teaching is central to our services, it is through relationship with Jesus, and with each other in community- that brings the most potential for  transformative change.  

Our beliefs are rooted in evangelical, progressive and liberal Christianity, but we are not defined by any of these entirely. While we are a community that is welcoming of all, we are also a community that believes that Christ is the one and only way to the Father. 

We exhibit this belief at all times in humility as it is the recognition of our brokenness that first leads us to our understanding of our need for Christ.  

Core beliefs about Jesus are the pillars that hold up our community - not fence posts to keep others out.  Scripture shows us  the Kingdom of God in conflict with the empires of men. 

We focus not just on eternity, and the gift of salvation, but on how we are to live our best life for God’s purpose in this liminal space.  We refuse to live in agreement with the fall, and instead we recognize that the way the world works is broken and not of God's original good design.

In this way, we recognize that we are all co-stewards of the earth, and co-heirs with Christ.   We are an inclusive community of believers and believe that there  is no earthly reason for limitation of our gifts as expressed in I Peter 4:11. As such the door is always open, and there is a seat at the table for anyone who wants to join us.